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Tajpur is popular throughout the year. Due to its location on the sea beach and surrouned by a vast wet land, the temperature remains moderate even during the peak summer days. The rain and cloud keep the environment fairly cool. Of course, the winter is as pleasant as any sea beach.


However, the colour of the sea becomes real aqua-marine blue with the back drop of giant cloud rising from Bay of Bengal during rainy season. Sometimes the cyclonic storm hits the coast, but due to presence of casurina forest lining along the coast line, the property remains safe. The tourist rush remains high during every weekend due to it's close proximity to Kolkata, adequate train and bus services.


The winter months are also not extremely cold. Normal woolen clothes are sufficient. The tourists may enjoy the whole day on the beach which is even a paradise for the morning and evening walkers throughout the year. The full moon nights are mesmerizing. Clean environment and tranquility still persists on the beach since it is new one. Future will show how long it will remain undisturbed by millions of footfall like other beaches all around. So visit now and enjoy.


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